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About California DUI Classes

Did you know that non-resident California offenders can take their DUI Class requirements online from the comfort home? That's right, out of state offenders who get a DUI in California can complete all of their court ordered DUI Classes online.

The following DUI courses are approved for out of state offenders that were arrested for a DUI in California:

12 Hour Online Wet Reckless SB1176
32 Hour / 3 Month First Offender AB541
45 Hour / 6 Month First Offender AB762
60 Hour / 9 Month First Offender AB1353
78 Hour / 18 Month First Offender SB38
78 Hour / 18 Month Second Offender SB38

Our innovative program allows you to complete all of your court requirements from home anytime, day or night without restriction. We know this time in your life is stressful and it is our goal to help you get past it and move on with your life!

How Online DUI School Works

California DUI Class Online was created specifically for California non-resident DUI offenders to complete their court ordered DUI classes online from home in a more convenient environment. No longer will you have to worry about showing up on time, missing work or violating your court order.

Our classes are available anywhere you can access the internet, on any desktop or laptop computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on all major holidays. Once you choose your DUI class and register for the program you can begin immediately. As you go through the program our website will save your progress every step of the way. This allows you to take our classes around your busy schedule without having to worry about dedicating hours of time all at once. Every course is broken down into easy to follow lessons, giving you complete control and ensuring you get the most out of every minute of our program.

After you complete your lessons you will have to take a quiz to review what you have learned. Don't worry about passing or failing, all of our tests and quizzes can be retaken if you aren't able to pass the first time, absolutely free.

The lesson plans in all of our classes are designed to satisfy the California court requirements for any driving under the influence class issued to non-residents. (If you have a California drivers license you must take your class in-person or get special permission from the court!)

When you have completed your DUI Class and passed all of your tests you will be issued a free completion certificate with all of the information the court needs to verify you've satisfied their requirements.

California DUI Class Online is so absolutely confident you will love our program, we have a 'no strings attached' 100% money back guarantee! If you are unhappy for any reason, just contact us and we will refund your money immediately.

With nothing to lose, its time to get your California DUI Class done and move on with your life! Choose your class below to get started now!

Why Our Customers Love Us

Good class would recommend.
Amanda J.
I feel this this is a great tool and the videos really bring it home with the point. I would recommend this to anyone not just people that has had an DUI already. Thank you
Joel G.
Working third shift made it very hard for me to find time to take a DUI class and this did the trick! What a great class, it was eye-opening for real.
Tammy L.
Thank you for your program, it was a lifesaver!
Riles K.
Thanks for the class it was good and got me done with my probation in Cali.
James H.

Available DUI Classes

Class Level Price  
  12 Hour Online DUI Wet Reckless SB 1176 2 $149.95
  32 Hour 3 Month First Offender AB 541 3 $499.95
  45 Hour 6 Month First Offender AB 762 3 $799.95
  60 Hour 9 Month First Offender AB 1353 3 $999.95
  78 Hour 18 Month First Offender SB 38 3 $1199.95
  78 Hour 18 Month Second Offender SB 38 3 $1299.95
  26 Hour Deferred Entry of Judgment Drug Diversion 3 $269.95